Happy Ground Observer Corps Day

It's July 14th and you know what that means, right? Bastille Da...no wait, Ground Observer Corps Day! What are you doing to celebrate? Are you having a picnic with your fellow observers? Did you get a nice little ceremony at your observation post with town officials? Is there a nice shout out in the paper … Continue reading Happy Ground Observer Corps Day


When Ground Observers Spotted UFOs

No, gentle readers, you read that headline correctly.  I was going to write this entry a bit later but apparently Trump is talking UFO and the US Navy has revised its guidelines on how to report UFOs. The GOC was actually tasked to spot UFOs. Well, not in so many words but being under the … Continue reading When Ground Observers Spotted UFOs

The Ground Observer Corps Gives You Wings!

First - an update: I've mentioned that the GOC had official advertising but hadn't found any more information about that. Well, I recently received 2 copies of the Aircraft Flash magazine, the official newsletter/magazine of the GOC that was produced by the Air Force. The September 1955 edition has a huge article about advertising for … Continue reading The Ground Observer Corps Gives You Wings!